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Linda F. Willing
P.O. Box 148
Grand Lake, CO
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Experience Counts!

Linda Willing has worked with a wide variety of organizations, including:

  • Ventura County, CA Fire Department
  • King County, WA Fire Chiefs
  • Denver, Colorado Fire Department
  • Eugene Springfield, OR Fire Department
  • Hillsboro, OR Fire Department
  • Austin, Texas Fire Department  
  • City of Santa Clara, CA Fire Department 
  • Cobb County, Georgia Fire-Rescue Services
  • Maryland Fire-Rescue Institute
  • New York City Fire Department
  • Clackamas County Oregon Fire Protection District
  • Boulder Valley School District
  • Columbia Southern University
  • Indianapolis Fire Department
  • Virginia Fire Officers Academy
  • Evanston, Illinois Fire Department
  • City of Los Angeles Fire Department
  • Jefferson Parish, Louisiana Fire Department
  • SFFD entry test preparation course
  • City of Santa Cruz, California
  • Village of Westfield, NY
  • Westminster, Colorado Fire Department
  • International Association of Firefighters
  • International Association of Fire Chiefs
  • National Volunteer Fire Council
  • Arizona State Fire Chiefs Association
  • State of New Jersey Fire Training
  • Manitoba Council of Fire Chiefs
  • Ontario Professional Firefighters
  • Boulder, Colorado Police Department
  • National British Fire Service
  • Pueblo, Colorado Fire Department
  • Poudre Fire Authority, Colorado
  • West Metro, Colorado Fire Department
  • North Metro, Colorado Fire-Rescue
  • San Jose, California Fire Department
  • Pasadena, California Fire Department
  • Oak Brook, Illinois Fire Department
  • United States Marine Corps Fire Chiefs
  • United States Department of Defense
  • National Fire Academy
  • Florida State Fire College
  • Virginia Fire Chiefs Association
  • Chesterfield County, VA Fire Department
  • St. Johns, SC Fire District
  • Northern Colorado Fire Consortium
  • Coatesville, PA Fire Department 
  • Eugene, Oregon Professional Women's Forum
  • Boulder Rural Fire Department
  • Nampa, Idaho Fire Department
  • Blaine County, Idaho Fire Training Consortium
  • San Gabriel, CA Fire Department
  • Monterey Park, CA Fire Department
  • Mount Prospect, IL Fire Department
  • Breckenridge, CO Ski Patrol
  • Red, White and Blue Fire Department, CO    
  • Englewood, CO Division of Fire
  • Northwest Fire District, Arizona
  • Barron's Educational Publishing
  • Trinity Presbyterian Church, Colorado
  • Heart of the Mountains Hospice
  • Fairhope Unitarian Fellowship



"It is refreshing having someone who is not afraid to say it how it is, especially in a constructive manner."

Firefighter, California

"Your class surpassed all expectations. Your obvious dedication to this subject was very impressive."

Firefighter, Georgia

"I would like to thank you for the informative and enlightening classes you administered to this fire department. Your down to earth but professional manner of presenting the sensitive material worked wonderfully in getting the message across."

Fire Chief, Louisiana

"The insight you have provided has allowed me to see more sides of situations and deal with them better."

Training Captain, Ohio

"Linda does an excellent job of defining the numerous gray areas that we all struggle with. Additionally, she gave practical and applicable techniques to utilize in dealing with these areas"

Fire Officer, Virginia

"Excellent speaker. Every fire department in this nation should have a class by her from the mayor on down.

Union Official, Florida

"I liked the way the class was focused around firehouse situations instead of the typical business environment. Your experience in the fire service gave the class much more weight."

Firefighter, Colorado

"The course was very pertinent to my job, more so than any other course I have ever been involved with."

Firefighter, Idaho

"The only complaint I heard about Linda's training was, why couldn't it be longer?"

Training Officer, Colorado

"This was a great class-- probably the best in the 20 years on the job. Thank you!

Fire Officer, Colorado

"Absolutely one of the best conference speakers ever!"

Fire Chief, Georgia



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