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1999: Highlights
Sexual Harassment, Harassment by Peers, Generational Differences

2000: Highlights
The Contact Hypothesis; Culture; Census; ADA; Harassment Law

2001: Highlights
First Amendment; Workplace Violence, FMLA; Sex Role Stereotyping

2002: Highlights
Harassment by Customers; FMLA; Breastfeeding in the Workplace; ADA; Quid Pro Quo

2003: Highlights
Duty to Report; Landmark Supreme Court Decisions; Off Duty Conduct; Love on the Job

2004: Highlights
Religion in the Workplace; Reverse Discrimination; Bullying; Mixed Motive Discrimination

2005: Highlights
Succession Planning; Sexual Harassment; Grooming Standards; Diversity Training

2006: Highlights
Pickering Balancing Test; Retaliation; Culture; Pregnancy and Light Duty; Language

2007: Highlights
Generations; EEO Law; Diversity; First Amendment; Bullying

2008: Highlights
Teams; Internet; Gay Jokes; Disability; Grooming Standards; Language

2009: Highlights
Hazing; Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act; Reverse Discrimination; Sexual Orientation; ADA

2010: Highlights
Teaching Civility; Retaliation; First Amendment; Men and Sexual Harassment; Reasonable Person; Breastfeeding; Don't Ask, Don't Tell

2011: Highlights
The End of Don't Ask, Don't Tell; Third Party Retaliation; Social Media; Class Action; Chicago FD; Pregnancy Policies; Suicide Prevention; Disappearing Woman; Meaning of "Political"

2012: Highlights
Hazing; Diabetes; First Amendment; USERRA; Social Media; Culture; Disability; Title IX, Immigration; Suicide; Pregnancy and Firefighting; Managing Agreement; Leadership; Professionalism; Grooming Standards; Email Privacy

2013: Highlights

Harassment; Social Media; Women in Combat; Firemanship; Same Sex Marriage; 360 Evaluation; Retaliation; Volunteers; Everyone Does It Defense; Who is a Supervisor; DOMA; FMLA; Grooming Standards; N-Word; Generations; Pregnancy and Firefighting; Hazing; Family Discrimination

2014: Highlights

Firefighters as Cops ; Social Media; Bullying; Retaliation; Public Sector Recording; Same Sex Marriage; Racism; EEOC and Religious Attire; Segregation; Hostile Environment; Garcetti; Religious Quid Pro Quo; Pregnancy Discrimination; BYOD; Performance and Protected Class; Fitting In; Double Standards; First Amendment

2015: Highlights

Telling the Story; First Amendment; Paid Leave; Nepotism; Professionalism; Adaptive Solutions; Light Duty; Facilities; Harassment Training; Same Sex Marriage; Sexual Orientation Discrimination; Women Marines; Importance of Example; Unions; Grooming Standards; Ole Miss; Leadership

2016: Highlights

Professionalism; Diabetes; Breastfeeding; Family Friendly Policies; Role Models; Bullying, Political Speech; Constructive Discharge; Women and Ethics; Affirmative Action; Performance Evaluations; Social Media; American Flag; Culture of Harassment; Retaliation; EEO and Volunteers

2017: Highlights

Social media; First Amendment; Hazing; Grooming Standards; Sex Discrimination and Sexual Orientation; Retaliation; Reverse Discrimination; FMLA; ADEA; Boys Will Be Boys; On-duty Sex; Rank and Responsibility; Harassment; Respect; Pregnancy

2018: Highlights

The Power of Apology; Gossip; PTSD; Harassment; Pregnancy; Testing; Training; Women and Resilience; Reverse Discrimination; Language; Role Models; Allies; Inside Outsiders; What Becomes Normal; "Personality Conflicts"; Entitlement; Firefighters on TV

2019: Highlights

Fighting Fire while Black; Bullying; HIPAA; Locker Room Talk; Grooming Standards; Drafting Women; Religious Accommodation; Power and Shame; Breastfeeding; Trust; Rumors; Sexual Assault; Social Media; Family Leave; Sexual Orientation; Inside-Outsiders; Public Recording; Sexual Harassment; Transfers

2020: Highlights

Ignorance is No Excuse; Reverse Discrimination; Policies; Retaliation; Collateral Damage






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